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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shotgun Republic Now in Stock on

What is the Second Amendment, and what role does it play in a civilized society?

This book deconstructs both the 2nd Amendment, the legal reasons behind it and carefully examines the issues of the current gun control debate. The issues of gun control, universal background checks, restrictions and taxation on bullets and magazines as well as a short history of the 2nd Amendment's reasons are in this thumbnail debate of the right to keep and bear arms.
Why are restrictions being placed on arms when crime is at an all-time low? How do the restrictions placed on magazine size infringe our rights to defend ourselves? Why does a universal background check place our rights at risk?

These questions and more are answered in this thumbnail guide to the 2nd Amendment.

From “Shotgun Republic”:

                The original founders of this nation recognized violence as a necessary evil. People sometimes need to defend themselves against crime, and against an onerous government. Not all matters can be resolved through diplomacy, tact and argument. Although violence should always be used as a last resort, sometimes it becomes a necessary evil.
                Guns are not then, the cause and reason for violence, but are the most efficient tools of violent acts, both good and bad. We should therefore look to that purpose, when legislation is written on the use and ownership of guns. An enlightened mind must realize the real cause of violence in society is not a gun. My thesis is that such causes lie in the growth of narcissism and the celebrity culture we have built for ourselves.         
                That is why I wrote this book—so that people understand the history of the gun, and the right to bear arms. We should not fear personal armament, nor should we glorify them. We should look at the right to bear arms for what it is; insurance for a free people against the tyrannies of the world. “

        “The right to keep and bear arms has been a cherished and essential right for Americans since the earliest days of the founding of our nation. However, it is probably the least understood of all our rights, since the language used in the amendment is in an archaic style of writing, and because the fundamental nature of firearms has changed over the centuries. Weapons, in particular personal firearms, have become more lethal than ever, compared to their Revolutionary War counterparts and we now have access to weapons that can potentially kill many more men than most of the guns of that period. As a result, and because the specter of urban violence has grown over the last two centuries, there has been a call to rethink that precious right to keep and bear arms.  Unfortunately, this rethinking of the 2nd Amendment may in the end do more harm than good. It may actually promote gun violence in certain ways, as society begins to struggle against the restrictive force of government. “

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