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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Citizen Servant

When our nation was founded in 1787 (drafting of the Constitution), the original intent of political office was a public service to the community, from people called to that duty from the private sector. In fact, George Washington had to be publicly pressured into accepting the role of the first US President, and took the job only reluctantly.

The interesting thing about Washington’s Presidency is that while there was significant precedent established in the concept of two terms (and Washington’s tenure was remarkable in the fact that it was unremarkable), it was also established that numerous cabinet and other positions such as Senators and Congressmen were never meant to be full time jobs, or they were positions to be held by retirees and wealthy self-sustaining men.

The nature of that is evidenced in the fact that Congress is not in session the full time of the year.  Long periods of recess were enacted so that members could go back to their home states and tend to their families and businesses.  Public service of this nature was a burden by the holder of the office, and even in most states to this day, pay is meager (for local politicians) to reflect the fact that it should not be a full time job.

With the advent of Franklin Roosevelt’s multiple term tenure and the rise of congressional power, however, matters changed and the birth of the professional politician began.  Professional politicians have become the standard in American politics chiefly due to rising pay and benefits of the office and the broadening of the perks and power base of the system. From lifetime health and retirement packages that would make a CEO blush, to double dealing legalized money grabs, the higher offices of the land have become a breeding ground for the professional politician who seeks little more than voter appeal in order to maintain his cushy job. They are a bane to good government.

Worse, since the professional politicians only goal is to maintain office and thus their income, they become easily pandered to and even more easily bought.

We need to return to the idea of the citizen patriot, the backyard leader and the neighborhood representative. Term limits on congress, while controversial, would solve a lot more problems than it would create, in the same way term limits on the Presidency did in 1951.

It’s also why I typically support most candidates who agree with this philosophy. The nature of limited offices excludes a lot of the nonsense that comes with a professional politician.

This is the reason why I support Jeff Thompson for Congress over Vernon Parker in District 9 in Phoenix. Although Mr. Parker has an excellent reputation and is supported by the Bush family, I think it’s time we step away from the professional politician racket and the Rockefeller Republicans and start supporting more traditional conservatism and candidates like Jeff. 

Jeff Thompson may have been my old mentor in the insurance business, but that’s not why I’m supporting him. Nor is it because he is one of the most honest and strait forward men I’ve met. I’m promoting Jeff because I firmly believe he has a no-nonsense approach to how government should work, and reminds me of the old concept of a man who gives his life to his work and family and then when the time is right, decides to devote his life to public service—not another guy looking for a fat paycheck or someone who will pander for votes.

Watching his videos on his website is a real exercise in flawless financial conservatism. Without targeting anyone or pointing a finger of blame, Jeff goes through the simple basics of a minimal government, why the concept of public health insurance is fundamentally flawed, and how he plans to work toward a better America.

He needs your help, he needs your vote. Honest men like Jeff don’t stand a chance against party machines unless he gets some grass roots support and the voters come out to say ‘no’ to another party candidate.
The last thing this nation needs, either Republican or Democrat, is another Congressman who hangs onto the job for life at the expense of the taxpayer.

See you at the ballot box this next election. Watch one of his videos below too.