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Friday, March 16, 2012

Obamanomics and The 'Pink Slime'

Pink slime?
Sounds like a horror movie doesn't it?

In Scotland it is a delicacy to eat haggis, a stew made out of the entrails and lungs of the sheep and mixed with local grains and spices. In the Philippines, a local custom is to eat fertilized duck embryos broiled in spices which are called ‘baluts’.

Worldwide, many people have customs and foods that to many Americans would seem dangerous and frankly, quite disgusting. The USDA bans the import of traditional haggis as unsafe, even though the Scots consume it without regard. 

And we are worried about a few beef tailings?

The USDA labeled fresh cut meat tailings treated for antimicrobial growth and ground into hamburger as ‘pink slime’. At the time of the labeling the beef industry howled mightily, claiming it was an attempt to discredit the quality of the beef but the USDA assured the industry that would never happen, and it was just a simply way of saying ‘anti-microbial beef tailings’.

Now we are learning otherwise.

Beef tailings are a perfectly serviceable quality cut of meat. While it has incorrectly been labeled as the ‘connective tissue’ of the animal, all they are what is left over after you cut away steaks and chops from the bone of a cow or steer. It is 100% edible and 100% beef.  Why use them?

Years ago, beef production was fairly expensive because the beef industry had to hand cut tailings away from the bone in order to grind it up for hamburger and other processed meats. They often simply boiled the fat off before processing or discarded it. However, an ingenious inventor named Eldon Roth came up with a process that used a centrifuge and a high pressure tube to spin the tailings off the bone and keep mass production of beef inexpensive and provide more edible meat per cow. When he presented this process to the USDA for approval, they agreed it was safe and edible meat, and because of the USDA’s own concerns of cross contamination of meat by microbes from the centrifuge process, a puff of ammonium hydroxide gas was shot across the tailings before the final processing.

Food grade Ammonium hydroxide by the way is more commonly known as leavening baking powder before mixing with flour. It is used in hundreds of products throughout your kitchen and is perfectly safe for consumption. It is NOT the ammonia that is under your sink. This sort of ammonium compound is also naturally produced in your gut by your own body to control microbes, by the way.

By using this process, beef companies are able to produce a high quality of processed meat that is over 90% lean, cheap and cost effective to produce, and most importantly, is free of any possibility of e. coli contamination. In fact, no one has ever been poisoned or sickened by the consumption of hamburger meat processed with ‘pink slime’; it has a perfect safety record.

Because of this unique safety of the meat, the USDA used beef tailings—or ‘pink slime’—in meat purchased for school kids lunches, and many companies used it in their hamburgers in the wake of the e. coli poisonings of the 1980’s.

‘Pink Slime’ meat is designed to be safe, edible and cost effective, and has been for over 30 years. So why the hoopla now?

The Department of Education as well as many burger chains now have dropped the use of ‘pink slime’ in their burger meat because of panicked people who neither understand the process or were squeamish about eating anything less than prime cuts of beef, thus driving up both the cost of beef and the amount of money that will be need by the Department of Education—either that or to completely eliminate beef from school kids taxpayer funded lunches under the guise of expense.

Once again this administration’s regulations and rules will put people out of work and drive up expenses for the average taxpayer. Furthermore, it will once again empower the leftists who want to remold American society and its institutions in an effort to destroy the fundamentals of American life. If you have been following the news, you’ll also see we are being flooded with myriad stories about how beef is killing us.

Well it’s not. Eating meat is why God or evolution or space aliens gave human beings incisor teeth.

The government couldn’t come right out and say ‘no more hamburgers’ for kids or for people who were fast food addicts. What they are going to do is make them pricey enough that many customers will not be able to buy them or reduce their intake in some sort of failed effort to make a more utopian society—or some backdoor attempt to theoretically lower the obscene costs of Obamacare by keeping people thinner by starving them of the food they want.

If you are looking for a load of crap, you won’t find it in ‘pink slime’. Look for it in the media, the voice of the government, and in the hands of the Obamas.