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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The School Lunch Program: An Iconic Big Government Failure

The School lunch program is iconic of failures in the social systems of the US.

Listen in here.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cyrus: The Latest Victim in the Real War on Women

Cyrus: The Latest Leftist Victim (via
Miley Cyrus has become the latest victim in the real war on women. The war on women has taken another ugly turn at the 2013 Video Music Awards this weekend as beloved peaches and cream American sweetheart Hannah Montana was transformed into a gyrating…

Monday, May 6, 2013

New Radio/Podcast Show

A message from Thomas Purcell:

This week we launched a new radio new on BlogTalkRadio called 'Liberty Never Sleeps with Tom Purcell' and it has been an exciting few days to be sure. While we only have a few shows under our belt the response has been overwhelming to say the least.

Going forward, our new website,  will be carrying all our articles and postings. This blog will still be active for some time, but new material to it will be limited. Furthermore, if you are subscribed to this blog, please go to our new blog and subscribe. The subscribe button is at the bottom of the new website.

Eventually this blog will be phased out and all the material on it will be migrated over to the new location.

As for the new radio show, there are three ways to listen to it, either LIVE or a recorded version.

1. You can click on our website player at the bottom of the show. All of our shows are archived there with a player for easy listening. This will work on LIVE shows or previously recorded webcasts.

2. You can subscribe through ITunes. This will upload the show to your Ipad or Iphone or other portable device. This will also work with device connected players in your car or other location.

3. You  can listen to the podcast direct from BlogTalkRadio through the link at their site or access the site directly.

We are asking all people who like our articles sent to them at this site to enroll in the new website, and listen to our show. By doing this, we can continue to provide you with insightful opinion and analysis.

And don't forget, we would love to hear from you! Call in LIVE to the show, contact us on our Facebook page, or Tweet us.

As always, we try to respond to everyone!

Take Care!

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Myth Of Planned Parenthood Dispelled (via


The Myth Of Planned Parenthood Dispelled (via
In a speech to Planned Parenthood on Friday, President Obama said that the institution is “not going anywhere,” and repeated the mantra that teenage pregnancy was continuing a decline in our society. Furthermore, he added that the GOP wants to return us to the 1950’s in regards to women’s health…

Friday, April 26, 2013

Police State On Full Display During Boston Marathon Bombing

Police State On Full Display During Boston Marathon Bombing (via
The police action after the Boston Marathon bombing represented a major change in the way police forces handled a crime investigation, and also showed America how militarized local police forces have become since 9/11. Years ago, police forces were light armed, with special units called S.W.A.T. (“…

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thomas Purcell NOW on Itunes Radio


Starting this Monday at 7:30 AM local time, author/blogger Thomas Purcell with be on Itunes Radio (serviced by BlogTalkRadio) with a new 30 minute open caller talk show.

WARNING: this show will be controversial! Lively discussion involving conservative topics and views on weekly national news headlines.

The show will be weekly to start, with a move to a daily show soon after. Listeners are encouraged to call in a debate the host on the issues of the day. The first show will air on Monday, April 29, 2013.

Make sure to tune in by going to or thru this website or Itunes after the first show. Podcasts will be available for download after the show.

Looking forward to talking to everyone!

The Brenner Brief Radio Show Guest Spot KCAA 1050 AM

A discussion of the Boston bomber's arrest and the new book "Shotgun Republic" about the gun control debate